The Alhambra Group

What we Do

Alhambra have performed at several venues over the last 5 or 6 years in pubs festivals Village Halls and at Old Time Music Halls
There are three of us, two who sing mainly Old time Music Hall songs and other songs ranging from Victorian, Edwardian through to the variety period, including first and second world Wartime songs.
The third one of us generally recites monologues and is an excellent MC.
Within our programme we can include audience participation items including a small pantomime.


Music Hall, Monologues, Comedy Songs, Tall Stories

John Lee
Pete Lister
Andy Airey

AVAILABLE For Private Social Events, Weddings, Concerts, Clubs, Pub events and Festivals


Pete Lister
John Lee 10a East Street, Crediton, Devon. EX17 3AT

Tel. 01363 77 5695

General email:

Andy Airey (Worksop)

Mob 07900321325

Contact Andy:

Bedworth Folk Festival

Pete, John and Andy are rapidly gaining themselves a reputation as one of the festival circuits most popular fringe acts! You seem to bump into them at festivals all over the country, not on the main stage, but doing what they do best sitting in the corner of a pub singing, joking and storytelling in their unique style ensuring everyone has a damned good time. That's just what they are going to do for us at Bedworth, where they will be entertaining you both early Saturday evening, and early Sunday morning in the White Swan. Don't miss the fun!

Banbury Folk Festival


Pete Lister and John Lee have been good friends since meeting each other at folk clubs in the 60s Pete has played guitar since skiffle days and John was a drummer in the Hogs Back ceilidh band in Guildford where they both danced with Pilgrim Morris.
During the 70s. they became inspired by Music Hall and developed their own act which had audiences ricocheting from the sentimental to helpless laughter.
They were joined by the lofty Andy Airey (Giant from the North) in October 2000. Andy is a writer and performer of monologues from Worksop, Notts. This was the missing link that finally produced Alhambra, well loved on the festival scene, their performance has timeless appeal for all ages.

Places we have played

Folk Festival

Miskin At Easter (Folk Festival)



Pete, John and Andy certainly are individuals! Specialising in songs of the Music Hall era, theirs is an act, which is always a performance! From Laughing Policeman to Sand Dances it's all in a day's work to them.
Andy, at something over quite a few feet tall, is a man to be reckoned with. Just you give him a chance and he'll monologue at you!! And once Andy's monologued you, you stay monologued!

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